Thursday, October 23, 2008


im still alive im just thinking

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Well i managed to get a full time job at my work, which was a big hooooo haaaaaaa but i loved it, iv seen a few interesting things lately, a fat kid that had stood on a bit of wood with a nail in it and the nurse practitioner told me just to w$nk it off, i think she must have meant yank, iv managed to find 3 positive pregnancy tests and pass on the good news to now expectant mothers, Im really begining to like burns, i like checking for sooty airways and bathing burnt skin. Iv had no arrests for ages (touch wood). I laugh a lot and have a great time at work, im sad because the drs are leaving soon, they have taught me a lot and i will miss them ...well some of them.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Wee ones

i just found this post, i dont know when i wrote it but i thought i would post it anyway

Im scared of babies...well really im scared of ill babies more.

The paramedic and technician come in you can see the panic on there face , they are older men , i bet they have children of there own or have seen enough well babies to know there is something wrong with this wee mite. Mum is carrying him and closely followed by the crew. The tiny baby is put on our massivley big trolley making it look like a pea in a mountain, It is making slow and uncoordinated movements and making a noise like a kitten miawing. It is a gray and mottled colour, its skin feels like a frozen peach.

We get a handover from the paramedic it is precise and to the point and he stands at the door and watches his face is concerned and he bits his bottom lip. The technician books the baby in at reception i think he was glad to get away from pressure of the mums eyes boring into his head.

I stand and stare not knowing what to do , its so tiny, i attach our little monitors. It told us that the wee one was saturationg at 80% and even i know thats not good. The kids tray is set up and the peadiatric Doctors set about gaining access to take bloods and taking capillary bloods. Babies seem to cope for a long time and then become really ill really quickly. There didnt seem to be enough room for all the people each trying to get into a little bit of skin to do there test or procedure. In a bay we have a Peads SHO, JHO, Reg, A and E consultant, FY2, 2 A and E nurses, 2 Kids Nurses , paramedic,technician, mum and dad. Trying to move was hard but i had to try and calculate the dose of ceftriasone for an 18 week old baby, it was complicated something i had never done before and the consequences are massive.

Baby was getting quieter and quieter and grayer, 100% O2 was not picking up the saturations and baby was not improving, i was speaking with the other nurse and we were monitoring the baby while the drs waiting on the results of tests and a CXR, he went blue arched his back and rolled his eyes back . it was the scariest thing i have seen. It seemed like a life time . Thankfully a swift sternal rub brought him back. I have never been so glad to hear a miaw from a baby.
iv been found out at work.......sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Im ducking down so no one sees me

Monday, May 21, 2007

Super whizz technology

Look i can blog from my mobile. I am getting good at this tech stuff . This is my first post from my new flat dont ask for photos as i cant do it.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

im famous

haha im famous, i made the papers,,2061220,00.html

sorry i cant link properly, is my cute wee NHS apple i book G4

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Things Have Changed

Iv been away for a wee while. I have now moved into the lovely flat that has taken me a wee while to get up and moving but im there now, but unfortunatly with the increasing cost of internet conections i have been unable to fit it into my monthly budget. Work has been really good lately with loads of interesting cases, like trying to get a man having constant VF arrests and trying to get him into resus, a boy who fell in a fire, a few arterial bleeds and loads of DKA, i quite like DKAs they are fun. A few cardiac arrests and plenty of GCS3. speak again soon.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fucking radging

some fucker nicked my mobile out of my bag while i was working. All i want to to is a days work and thats the thanks you get for it. I am so so annoyed, it was in an area only accecable by staff , so really we are looking at a tealeaf that works in my department. Im working my bollocks off and some fucker is chilling out with my mobile. I will find out if its the last thing i do. Im away to shout load and hit somethings.


a very very very pissed off nursie999

oh and the nurse in charge almost said tough and done nothing to assist me, thats the last time he gets my help or cooperation in any matter and he has gone even further down in my estimations. Arse hole!


Thursday, March 15, 2007

What not to do in A and E resus

Note to everyone dont call a lead paramedic an "ambulance driver" they get quite kranky about the whole thing as our dr found out today .

Saturday, March 10, 2007

oh guess what i saw!

Oh i saw an arterial bleed in a boys head and the biggest heamatoma i have ever seen, it was interesting as he wanted dto go home and couldnt really understand the enormity of the situation. So im going to put that one down as Hypovolemia as well so im not much further with the quest. 2 nightshift to go and today is my birthday......line up so i can recieve my kisses. I already have had one from a lovely paramedic so my day is complete. Night night

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

to further my quest

All we have had is rubbish in the department so no further on in my quest, i dont even think i have been in resus since i last mentioned, i am going to have a rant about tradesmen i can feel it building for eruption. Watch this space!